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20 things Cuba should know about the internet

Now that the people of Cuba have internet access, we thought of sharing some basic guidelines

In case you haven't heard - Google is trying to connect Cuba to the internet, starting with 2,000 households to see how it goes. That's a huge step was for this beautiful and disconnected Island to finally become a part of the 21st century.

Now, Cubans, before you grab your iPhone and start posting photos of vintage cars to your Instagram account, here's 20 things should know about this thing called The Internet:



1. First, see that blue E icon? That’s Internet Explorer. Go and get Google Chrome, rapido!

2. Al Gore didn’t invent the internet.

3. The internet is for porn. And pictures of cats (We can't show you the first one).

4. Don’t trust everything you read on the internet. Especially not this sentence.

5. Don’t install Toolbars on your browser (Hint: Don't click "Next" while installing software)

6. Don't get dragged into stupid fights in comments, It's stupid. No, it's not. Yes it is!

7. Don’t fall for Nigerian scams. No one ever offers you money. Trust me :(

8. Don’t be the 1,000,000 person to click on that banner. You'll win another toolbar.

9. Don’t trust Google Translate. No confía en Google Traductor

10. Don't open emails offering you to enlarge your "Cuban Cigar". It's a virus, or just embarrassing.

11. Don’t download illegal content from pirate websites. If you want any information on which websites you shouldn’t download from, contact us and we’ll give you a list.

12. Don’t try to understand what Snapchat is for and how to use it. A lot of us have a tried and failed.

13. Don’t forget to join Facebook and share more information about you so advertisers could target you more easily.

14. It’s okay to purchase items on the internet (from some websites) with your credit card. Wait, you don’t have a credit card?

15. Never send anyone nude pictures of yourself. Or sex videos. We already told you what the internet is for.

16. Please check if there any Pokemons in Cuba and let us know.

17. Never leave your accounts logged in and leave the PC unattended. You don’t want to suddenly realize your Facebook latest status update is “I really like watching The Kardashians”.

18. If you see an article with the title “Wow! You’ll never guess what happened to the members of Buena Vista Social Club”, you’ll always get disappointed with the content.

19. Be careful, you have only 5 seconds to regret stupid emails you sent. Oh, And don't forget to attach the file.

20. You should like us on Facebook. 


That's all for now.

Welcome to The Internet!