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Short summary of "Content Israel 2016"

That’s the main (and sad) conclusion from “Content Israel 2016” conference held yesterday in Nalagaat Center in Tel Aviv. The conference hosted great speakers from the industry, Israelis and non-Israelis, to talk about the latest trends in content editing, and how can you convince people to get interested in your content, and eventually in your product.
Among the speakers you could find Rebecca Corliss from HubSpot, Rachel Post from The Guardian, Noam Korin from PlayBuzz, Moe Mernick from Hometalk, Itai Bichler from SodaStream and other leading voices from the industry.

If you made it this far, congratulations! Here are the main conclusions and lessons learned from yesterday’s conference:

  1. Be authentic. Consumers have lost patience and lost their trust in brands. The people are smart, they know when they are reading an article that’s only meant to sell them something. You need to show that you’re human, just like them, and understand them. The customers need to trust you. Trust is king.

  2. You need to make your content enjoyable and user-friendly. Companies use Israeli services such as Playbuzz or Apester to enrich their “dull” content with games – Polls, Trivia, Flip cards, and whatnot. When the user gets to interact with your content it’s a win-win: He’s not so bored, and you have more information about your reader from the data collected.

  3. One word – Video. That’s where the world is going. Less and less people read articles, and more people are consuming the information from videos. In 2 years, 90% of the content in Facebook will be videos, and companies should adapt. Create videos, post them often, and create a different video for every platform.

  4. Snapchat. Yes, this “silly-teenage-sexting” app, that’s where all the action is happening, and will happen. Their growth rate is amazing and threatens Facebook. Start using Snapchat to tell your company’s story in a cool way: About your difficulties, your people, your daily routine. Make users care about you. The engagement in Snapchat is skyrocketing, and it’s not going to stop. You need to be there.

  5. UGC – User Generated Content – That’s how you earn trust. Honest reviews about products or service, Pictures of regular people wearing clothes or even normal people like you and me filming their own DIY video (As Moe Mernick from Hometalk showed us). Let the user create the content for you. It’s scalable, authentic and stands out.

  6. And the hottest trends for 2017
    - Content authentication, due to the global trends of democratization.
    - Programmatic advertising. Content based on data, and the opposite.
    - Uprising technologies such as VR and Chatbots.
    - And of course – Storytelling. The idea of storytelling never changed, only the measures.



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