Miriam Young, 28.4.16

Faces of GKI: Dor Avrahami

Interview with our in-house robotics guy, Dor.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at the people of GKI Group. Dor Avrahami has been here for over a year. During this time, he’s been developing the in-house robotics laboratory. Upon his arrival at GKI, the mission bestowed upon him was to start this laboratory, starting with buying all of the equipment needed. Over the last year he’s compiled various innovative tools, computers, and programs to create the “maker’s home” in GKI, ultimately our robotics lab.

Here at GKI Group, we have four main areas of operation: strategic consulting, innovative internal projects, building a startup community, and connecting Israeli entrepreneurs with international partners and investors. Dor works on the development of new technology and products.

The laboratory has manufacturing, programming, and electronic capabilities.

“My goal is to take all of the skills that we have and make dreams come true. If there’s an idea, if there’s anything that someone has or something someone wants to do- this is the place where they can tell us their idea or project or product and we can make it happen with our 3D printer, with our CNC Machine (computer based milling), or other technology. We can develop any product or anything we want to do and create prototypes in our lab, and if we need to, we can use other manufacturing companies to upscale the products that we create. Whether it’s an exoskeleton of a hand or a self driving robot, or 3D printed toys and office supplies and gadgets, or just hacks and items for daily use, these are the things we do here every day. Fun creations we’ve made from the printer included a 3D printed Hanukkah menorah, 3D printed water gun, and even cool sculptures.”

Another really interesting creation Dor invented here was a driving robot, “We developed a robot using ROS (robotic operating system) that self drives and navigates in a known environment. For example, if you want to transfer something between one office to another, you can put it on the robot and send it to a different room.”

Furthermore, Dor consults as a designer, as someone who knows the systems and works around other products. He shares his knowledge to help people and give feedback on their products.

GKI brings new technology here- everything from VR headsets and cool cameras and sensors. Through combining new technologies, bringing them into the laboratory, and seeing how they can be used in later projects, innovation and new ideas are kept in a constant cycle.


Originally posted on Medium by Miriam Young