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Lital, GKI Group’s CEO, manages the Group’s internal and portfolio projects. As a founder of several of the Group’s companies, she works closely with all the startups, guiding them in their day-to-day operations, and advising them regarding strategic decisions. In addition to managing  GKI’s overall strategy and operation, Lital is always strategizing, planning, and looking at the bigger picture for the Group’s, and each individual projects’, shared future.

Lital oversees the preparation of the startups for funding rounds, ensuring they are reaching their potential and always pushing them towards their next benchmark Acting as a director for several of the companies GKI invests in, Lital is an integral part of the management of the other companies.


Gal, GKI Group’s founder and President, is a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant in technology and innovation. Gal serves as a business advisor for entrepreneurship, investment and product development in various stages. He is always thinking of new, and often crazy ideas to help the Group’s projects develop and improve. Gal also serves as the CEO of the Startup Lobby.

In 2003, Gal started working in algorithmic trading and was one of the first to operate in the field in Israel, bringing together leading experts in the field and reaching unprecedented levels of success.

In 2007, Gal founded Stock-Tech, an algorithmic trading company in Israel. Gal is an active board member in many companies and projects in various stages including Verdata, Ringbo, Student Hive, and more.


Nir leads our Startup Israel project, managing community building activities for the startup community. He is an entrepreneur and digital marketing and branding expert, along with being a leading lecturer on technological entrepreneurship, community management and social media.

Dor Avrahami

Dor leads GKI’s robotics lab, including the Group’s 3D printing unit. Dor spends his days building creative, unique and ground-breaking products, giving us a taste of what the future has in store.

Esti Lin

Esti serves as the Head of Accounting for most of the companies in the group. Her devotion and level of professionalism make the accounting services GKI Group provides on par with the type of support only seen in large companies.

Sapir Musai

Sapir manages all of the Group’s day-to-day activities with great passion and professionalism. Her experience with diverse startups and top-notch problem solving abilities make her an asset to our group’s companies.


Elad is leading the GKI business development. As part of his role he is bringing new cooperation and partners to the group and help all our operational projects and startups.


Chen is leading GKI's market research and social media content outreach.
As a part of his role Chen is in charge of bringing innovative ideas to the group's awareness.


Yarom is our lead designer, in charge of all the group's initiatives, designing and branding the verities of projects and startups for the whole GKI Group.


Ofir leads the development in the Group from the ground up, He builds the products to a production level and make sure the products are able to scale.