Miriam Young, 4.5.16

Thoughts on the Milk and Honey Distillery Friends and Family Grand Opening

few weeks ago was my first time at a whisky distillery. My work friend picked me up with his girlfriend and we drove in the Thursday afternoon traffic, with the sun setting over the road, down towards Yafo. Entering the distillery I didn’t know what to expect but we were greeted by the warmest atmosphere. I’ve been to various wineries before but never this sort of private event with all of the actual makers of the product. The whisky was presented to us in mouthwatering cocktails; they had a spicy ginger one and everyone who knows me knows that spicy anything is my favorite. Pairing this with the most exquisite appetizers that were gathered on tables throughout the main room, made for the best introduction to the new whisky that I could imagine. I was so happy to spend this night with such fun people from my office at GKI Group and all of their associates at the distillery.

This factory offers the first kosher Israeli-made whisky to the world. Not only does it produce a sensational product but it also serves as a tourist attraction, open to visitors now. I love the name, the taste, and the people and I’m so happy to be working with them.

The perfect Passover present! #milkandhoneydistillery #whisky #gin #moonshine

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