Entrepreneur and investor Gal Kalkshtein established GKI Group to help young entrepreneurs at the start of their careers realize their dreams and turn their ideas into products.

The Group promotes startups in Israel, investing and developing their own portfolio companies, and providing strategic consulting and guidance to other pioneering startups. GKI advances groundbreaking internal projects including a robotics lab, iOT projects, and more. The Group nurtures emerging startups by providing them with support and accompaniment from professionals with vast experience and know-how. Through its offices in Kfar Saba and Tel Aviv, GKI works to connect Israeli entrepreneurs and innovators with overseas investors and angels to enable beneficial investment opportunities for both parties.

Through managing its own projects and investments, and through its close contact and collaborative relationships with other startups in the field, GKI identifies and analyzes issues challenging the startup community. The Group is constantly developing solutions to improve the startup landscape in order for it to better serve its initiatives.

The Group has been instrumental in founding a startup lobby in Israel’s parliament, facilitating communication and collaboration between the local government and the entrepreneurial community in order to help the government establish a nurturing environment to promote the country’s startups.

GKI sees the importance of building and strengthening an entrepreneurial ecosystem not only in Tel Aviv, but throughout all of Israel, so that startups from around the entire country have access to the resources they need to succeed.

Today GKI Group is home to over 16 diverse startups and entrepreneurs, with new ideas constantly brewing.