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GKI Group is a home for technologies and innovations, bringing even the craziest and most ambitious ideas to life like The Milk & Honey Distillery, Cecilia.ai and VSL Labs, just to name a few. 

A brief history

GKI (Gal Kalkshtein Innovation) Group, was founded in June 2012 as “GK” by the serial entrepreneur and angel investor Gal Kalkshtein. After years of creating, experimenting, and learning, Gal decided to establish his own company for investing in startups and advising entrepreneurs.
After many investments, meetings, conferences and networking, GK changed its name to GKI Group to emphasize the importance of the loyal and professional team that gives us our advantage. The company acts as a group, made up of several sub-groups, together contributing to the company’s expertise in the world of innovation and startups.
In November 2015, Lital Einy, now Lital Kalkshtein, was chosen to head the Group as CEO, leading the company to new heights, both figuratively and literally. Our headquarters are located on the 12th floor of a new office building in Kfar Saba, with an amazing and inspiring view.

Shani Shemesh – Front Desk Receptionist

Shani is the one who’ll answer your calls, and the first smile you’ll see when you walk into our office. She’d love to assist you with everything that you need.


Chen’s mission is to bring digital awareness to the group’s projects. He’s also the man behind the keyboard typing the words you are reading here (Hi), as well as on our blog, on our marketing materials, and social networks.

Gal Kalkshtein – President and Founder

Gal is a tech-savvy serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and board director. He is also an expert in finance and algorithms, a tech savvy, and a whisky lover with certificates. Gal takes an active role in every running project, including programming, improving

Nir Kouris – Director of International

Nir handles international business development, building the group’s relations worldwide. He is also an expert in digital marketing, Fintech, Israeli startups… and restaurants.

Dor Avrahami – Head of Product Development

The company’s innovative products cannot be developed without a person like Dor, who is in charge of their engineering, development, and management from top to bottom.


Esti is the CFO of all of the companies in the group. Her devotion and level of professionalism make the accounting services for GKI Group on par with the type of support only seen in large companies.

Sapir Musai - Office Operations Manager

Our office would probably fall apart without the presence of Sapir. She manages all of the group’s daily activities with great passion and professionalism. Her experience with top-notch problem solving abilities makes her an asset to our group’s companies.

Elad Kobi - COO

With his wireless earbuds always on, Elad handles the business development and marketing team as well as oversees the daily tasks and projects of the entire group.


Yarom is our lead designer, in charge of all the group’s initiatives. He designs and brands our projects’ websites and apps, offline and online marketing materials, and just about anything else.

Anton Erpilev - 3D Generalist

Anton handles all the 3D tasks of the group; from illustrating and modeling new characters, to animating and video editing.

Ofir Dvash – CTO

Ofir is leading the development of the group’s internal products from the ground up, bringing our ideas to life and to the stores.

Yarden Asherian – HR Manager

Yarden is in charge of the talent acquisition and bridging between management and employee relations. Send your CV to [email protected].

Tal Meged – R&D Team Leader

Although his true passion is data analysis and BI, Tal uses his rare talent and keen eye to manage a team of developers and all the technological projects of the group with great achievements.

Svetlana Hersonsky – Bookkeeping

Svetlana helps our Head of Accounting with the daily financial tasks and invoices while bringing joy to our office.

Guy Shefer - Full-Stack Developer

Guy is covering all the necessary development from the back-end to the front-end and will help our team in the creation of cutting-edge services, applications, and websites.

Odelia Nakash Ziv – Bookkeeping at M&H

Odelia is in charge of the Milk & Honey Distillery’s daily financial tasks, to keep the business going and flowing, much like our whisky.

Leanne Almog – Linguist

A linguist and an expert in English and American Sign Language, Leanne helps the group with all the interpreting tasks and with building a database.

Lital Kalkshtein – CEO

As a founding member and the CEO of the group, Lital brings her professional experience and strong knowledge to the working progress of each product. Lital’s sincere care for the company and the team, the glue bringing everything together, is what makes the group as united and successful as ever.