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Coronavirus is still here, and while the world is “less panicking” about it after preventing its spread, it still doesn’t seem to go away anytime soon. However, businesses are going on as usual (almost), especially in the tech industry. Seems that after a weak month like March, many Israeli startups returned to do what they do best: raise money (or just waited until April to publish the news). 44 Israeli startups raised no less than $905 million, which is incredible!

Three companies that appeared on our latest article about Israeli startups for fighting Coronavirus have “magically” raised a nice amount of funds this month: Remote care platforms  Tyto Care with $50 million and Datos Health with $7 million, and logistics platform Bringg with $30 millionClick here to read all about them, and more startups.

As for the rest of them:

On top of the list with a $145 million C Round investment is BioCatch, a biometrics security startup using behavioral biometrics technology to reduce online fraud and enable online identity verification, without compromising the user experience. BioCatch was founded in 2011 and raised a total of $186 million. Nice catch!

Welcome the latest member of the exclusive Unicorn Club: VAST Data,  a flash storage solution for companies. VAST’s mission is to bring an end to decades of complexity and application bottlenecks and democratize the utility of flash for all data and all applications. VAST raised a beautifully-round  $100 million at a $1.2 billion valuation, and a total of $180 in just four years!

After being used by hundreds of restaurants in Israel, Tabit finally raised some funds ($35 million, to be accurate) to continue developing its comprehensive 360° solution for restaurants with a variety of apps and tools: Tabit Pad helps the waiters send the order directly to the kitchen, TabitGuest is helping with the seating, TabitOrder and TabitDelivery are used (especially these days) to enable deliveries, and more.

Some light in the darkness: Smart LED lightning startup raised $18 million, led by Comcast Ventures. Juganu, founded ten years ago, is developing “a light that lights, sees, connects, and thinks”. The light resembles the full spectrum of sunlight and communicates using wireless technologies and cameras to save energy, costs, and make a greener and brighter future for smart cities and shopping centers.

InnovoPro must be the most Israeli startup ever created – a better hummus. Seriously! This foodtech startup, founded in 2013, has managed to extract 70% chickpea protein concentrate, to make a healthier, more sustainable, and more nutritious source of food. InnovoPro raised $15 million this month, and as long as American companies don’t ruin its taste with inventions like “Strawberry Hummus”, we’re off to a good start.

Ready for some science? Scopio Labs is an Israeli startup founded in 2014 to create a breakthrough, high resolution digital microscopy solution. Basically, it’s an innovative microscope that uses AI and can magnify slides up to 100X and helps doctors, researchers, and veterinarians do faster and more efficient lab work. The company can now see a better future after raising $16 million this month.

The newest startup on our list is MigVax, founded last month by Migal (Galilee Research Institute), to find a vaccine for Coronavirus. The $12 million investment was led by OurCrowd to develop something that no one needs or has been waiting for. Just kidding. Good luck!

Autofleet, founded by former employees of Avis and Gett, is a new and interesting solution for fleet management companies wishing to maximize their revenues. How? Well, car rental companies, car-sharing operators, and automakers can utilize Autofleet’s platform to use their unused cars in the fleet for deliveries and hailing services and create a new source of income, easily. This idea got the company a $7.5 million investment. Cool!

Another startup with a $7.5 million investment is Orchestra Group, founded by former members of the cyber-intelligence company NSO. Orchestra is a cybersecurity integration platform focused on Identify and Protect, with a mission to provide full 360 security by acquiring different cyber solutions and implementing them in their system.

Corsight is a new subsidiary of Autonomous AI startup Cortica, with a focus on face recognition technology. Corsight is a smart camera platform for security to prevent real-time threats and provide maximum enterprise safety. However, the most innovative feature of Corsight, and probably the reason they raised $5 million this month, is their ability to recognize faces even when they’re covered in masks… you know, like people dressed up these days. Let’s see criminals face that!

MyndYou is a platform that uses AI to analyze a senior patient’s cognitive skills, tracking them continuously and helping in cases of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. How? First, an app will test the patient with parameters like voice analysis, then compare it with the previous tests, and finally analyze and alert if there’s any cognitive decline. MyndYou, which we wrote about earlierraised $4m to develop their important solution, which became even more relevant in the times of COVID-19.

Do you know those cool AR graphs and animations that news broadcasters use? What if you could make some of your own, without needing any graphic designer or special equipment other than a simple box and a camera? Meet Arti that closed a $4 million seed investment this month, an AR Studio On-The-Go to help amateur content creators make engaging  AR videos that can include 2D and 3D objects, web browsers, social feeds, and more.

The world is in crisis? Afraid that there won’t be anything left to eat? Don’t worry. Thanks to Hargol Foodtech, we’ll have a new source of protein in the future – grasshoppers. The company raised $3.1 million this month to launch a new product line called Biblical Protein and expand its production capacity, so one day they could feed the entire world with grasshoppers.

Another startup that emerged to help the COVID-19 crisis and raised $2.5 million is Dynamo, dealing with another crisis – educating your kids. Dynamo makes your child’s smartphone positive and meaningful by adding a question on the lock screen. In order to open their phone, the kids will have to answer one question about math, language, or just general knowledge. The parent can create new questions in his app and track their kids’ progress. Awesome!


One of the greatest things about being rich is having your private pool in your own backyard. One of the worst things about it is that these pools put young children at risk of drowning in the unused pool. SOSense is developing a new technology to alert drowning without a camera, but rather by detecting distress signals of a drowning person or child underwater, and alerting just in time to save them from severe damage or death. Oh, and we nearly forgot to mention – the startup raised $1 million this month. Nice save!

The rest of the startups can be found here in this infographic. Click to enlarge!


Israeli Startups April 20


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