Crisis? What Crisis? Israeli startups grabbed more than $1.6 billion in May 2022 [Infographic]

With investments of over $1.6 billion, two new unicorns, and two highly-valued companies, it seems like the global crisis has yet to arrive.

Despite the economic crisis and slowdown, 50 Israeli startups have raised more than $1.6 billion in May 2022. Well, it’s still a smaller amount than the $2 billion average of 2021, but it’s quite relieving to see these numbers after such a bad month as April; where startups raised less than $800 million, t companies shut down, and hundreds of employees lost their jobs. 

In May, two new Unicorns were born: public transportation optimization startup Optibus and Banking-as-a-Service fintech startup Unit. Both surpassed the $1 billion valuations.
“Older” Unicorns grew bigger as well: Deel raised $50 million and doubled its valuation to $12 billion, and blockchain company StarkWare raised another $50 million that brought it to a valuation of $8 billion! 

The biggest round of investment this month goes to Israeli-American cybersecurity company Semperis, which raised $200 million to help enterprises recover quickly from attacks and data breaches. Next, with $120 million, we have Pyramid Analytics, for delivering data-driven business intelligence faster than ever before by providing access to any data.
Another surprising company at the high end of the list is Masterschool, which raised a $100 million seed funding round (!) to “build the largest network of career schools in the world”. 

The rest of the startups and numbers are in this infographic, as usual:

Israeli startups