We don’t know which vacation destinations are on your bucket list for 2018, but we do know that there are some Israeli travel startups that can help you make the best of your trip wherever you are going. From finding the best deals to finding you the hottest spots, here’s a list of eight startups, founded by Israelis, that you should use on or before your next vacation. Enjoy!


Eyfo – Eyfo is the Hebrew word for “where?” and it’s here to answer some of your most burning questions: Where can I find free Wifi? Where can I find a public toilet? Where can I find free parking? Eyfo is a database for all the free services you need, helping cities become smarter by helping their citizens and their tourists. You can get it for free, of course, for your Android or Check the web version on your browser.

JettaPlus -I’ve always been terrified about needing to cancel my flight, because: a. It’s a bummer, and B. I would need to figure out how to get my money back.
Well, The Israeli startup JettaPlus has a solution: a marketplace for nonrefundable airline tickets. Through JettaPlus’s website, you can sell your nonrefundable tickets at a discounted price so you won’t lose all the money you spent on your ticket. On the flipside, it’s a great platform for travelers looking for cheap flight tickets. Check them out.
Jetta is a new startup in seed stage; they have raised $200K so far, and are currently looking for their next investment.

Knowers – Let’s be honest: between searching endlessly on Google and TripAdvisor for the best places to go, planning a trip can be really annoying; have you ever thought of just asking a local for recommendations?
Knowers is a human-to-human travel app connecting (via voice, video and text) travelers with locals (”knowers”) who provide tips, information, local secrets and on-demand services to travelers. Ask a question and get an immediate answer from the right in-the-know people. Knowers was founded in 2017 by Laurence Newman and is expected to launch soon for Android.
[Full disclosure: Knowers is one of GKI Group’s portfolio of investments]

Pruvo – Who doesn’t love saving money? What about saving money on a hotel room you already booked? Pruvo takes your existing hotel reservation from any website, tracks its price on loads of platforms, and notifies you once it finds a better deal for the exact room you already booked. All you have to do is rebook for a lower price, and cancel your original more expensive order.
Pruvo was founded in 2016 and raised $362K in crowdfunding.

RoutePerfect – One of the most frustrating things about planning a trip is choosing where to go, what to do and where to stay, while trying to arrange the best trip you can. RoutePerfect, founded in 2012, is trying to solve that for you. Choose where you want to go, when, your preferences (culture focused? food focused? extreme focused?), and your budget, and RoutePerfect will build you the perfect trip itinerary. Very efficient and easy to use. RoutePerfect has already raised $4 million in two rounds.

SeeVoov – Tired of reading about your trip? Would you rather watch videos? SeeVoov, founded in 2016, lets you explore travel destinations with videos. Pick a location and what you wish to see, and SeeVoov will start playing you a playlist of recommended travel videos based on your request. A new way to learn about potential travel destinations, without spending hours browsing for the right videos.

Sidekix – This app launched in 2015 to find you the most interesting walking route. Co-founder Jenny Drezin worked on developing Sidekix at WMN co-working space for female Israeli entrepreneurs. Since its launch, Sidekix has gained popularity, raised $1 million, and is available in more than 100 cities. Sidekix guides you through the city based on your preferences and interests, whether you like restaurants, shopping, arts or just want a safe well-lit walking path back to your hotel (which was the original idea of this app, by the way). Seems that this app is headed in the right direction (pun intended).

Sweet Inn – What’s better than staying in an Airbnb? Staying in an Airbnb with hotel services. Sweet Inn is the Israeli answer to the popular short-term vacation rental website, but with a twist: well-equipped and designed apartments with hotel services and benefits such as clean linens, airport transportation, breakfast delivery and concierge services. It’s like staying in a hotel without staying in a hotel. Sweet Inn is operating in 10 cities worldwide and has raised $22 million since it was founded in 2013. Sweet!


Have you used any of these apps/websites or other Israeli travel startups? Tell us what you think.
Speaking of which, we could certainly use a vacation ?


Originally posted on Startup Israel Community’s Facebook page, GKI’s project for supporting local startups and entrepreneurs.