41 Israeli startups raised “only” $1.2 billion this August

A successful month for Proptech startups, and for one “small” Fintech startup that became the highest valued private tech company in Israel.

After a couple of intense months, it seems like we’re getting back to the old, sane numbers with “only” $1.2 billion invested in 41 Israeli startups.

Half of the total amount flowed directly into the hands of two startups: Rapyd, probably the biggest Fintech startup in Israel that raised $300 million, is on its way to become a Decacorn with $8.75 billion valuations – making it the highest valued startup in Israel.

The second one, OwnBackup, the startup aiming to save your company from a total data disaster, raised $240 million. That E Round comes only seven months following their previous round and brings the company’s value to $3.35 billion.  

The rising trend of this month is undoubtedly real estate. Proptech and Construction Tech startups raised more than $140 million this month. On top of the list is the Israeli-founded US company Reali, which raised $250 million: $75m in equity, $25m in venture debt, and $150m of warehouse financing. Reali is a one-stop shop for home sellers and buyers with smart solutions for financing that saves their customers an average of $16k. 

But let’s head on to the Israeli-based startups:

Buildots is a new innovative startup trying to change the world of construction. Combining AI, and a wearable 360-degree camera, Buildots analyzes the construction site in real-time and compares it with the original design to alert of any gaps and inefficiencies. This wonderful, time and money-saving solution, raised $30 million this month. 

On the Proptech side, we have a $25 million investment in Localize, also known as Madlan in Israel. The startup, founded in 2012, is a real estate platform helping buyers, sellers, or investors get insights on any property, street, or neighborhood based on billions of data points.   

Let’s dig a little deeper, and introduce you to 4M Analytics. This construction startup, which raised $11 million this month, is accurately mapping the subsurface infrastructure like water pipelines, telecommunications, power lines, and more to provide contractors and consultants with all the data needed before they start digging.  

Renovai is a new interior design AI assistant that helps customers design their dream home and fill it with items based on their requirements and taste. The startup was renovated with a $3.7 million investment. 

Lendlord raised $2 million for their portfolio management platform for landlords and real estate investors. The platform, also available as an app, helps them manage, track, and optimize their property investments.  

And the last one in this sector is Okibo, developing smart robotics for construction sites. Their first robot was designed for plastering walls with stucco, concrete, insulation, etc., and all the other finishes. The company raised an undisclosed amount. Fine, keep your secrets.


Our list is still under construction (get it?)… Here are several other Israeli startups that got our attention.


Antidote Health is a new Israeli healthcare startup trying to solve one of the major ills of the U.S. Healthcare System: its affordability. Antidote provides premium care to patients and connects them to doctors through a telehealth platform, 24/7, at a price that anyone without health insurance can afford. Antidote raised $12 million this month, on their journey to impact millions of people. Amazing! 


In times like these, especially after Covid-19 hit the world and made people insulate inside their homes, it’s important to have a sympathetic ear; someone close that you can talk to, and that understands you. The new startup Circles was founded to solve just that and gather a group of people who are going through similar challenges in life in an online support group led by professionals. A cure for the soul. Circles got their financial support with a seed round consisting of many circles – $8,000,000


Eloops, a startup we once interviewed for Startup Israel Community, is developing an employee engagement platform that gamifies the entire process with quizzes, competitions, scoreboards, etc. and makes it way more fun for both employees and HR. The startup grabbed its seed round of $2 million this month. 


Wrapping up the list with a 3 million NIS grant ($0.93 million) is Saffron Tech, an ag-tech startup for cultivating the most expensive spice in the world: Saffron. They’re growing it under lab conditions, making it more available without losing its quality. Also, in the spirit of the Olympics, the company’s Business Development Manager is the Olympic medalist and world champion, former judoka Yarden Gerbi. Ippon!


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