Israeli startups October 2021

A NEW RECORD! Israeli startups raised over $3.4 billion in October 2021!

With five mega-deals, four new Unicors, and 56 investments in Israeli startups in just one month, it is no wonder that a new record had just been set.

Okay, we believe that we used all the existing superlatives for “incredible” in the previous months, and that term “record-breaking” has lost all meaning, so we’ll just let October’s numbers do the talking. As if this year hadn’t been mind-blowing enough, 56 Israeli startups raised more than $3.46 billion in October. That’s a big jump from the previous record of $2.8 billion.

So, what happened?

First of all, we had five mega-rounds with over $250 million:
The HR and payroll startup Deel, based in Israel and San Francisco, raised $425 million at a $5.5b valuation, and it took it only about a year to get to this value.
Celsius is a crypto lending platform based in Israel and London, that raised $400 million.
Orca Security extended its Series C funding from $210m (raised this March) to $550m, which means an additional $340m that flowed into the promising cloud security startup.
TripActions, an Israeli founded company based in Palo Alto, raised $275 million at a crazy $7.25 billion valuation after pivoting from travel planning to expense planning as well.
And… a recurring guest this year, cloud security startup Wiz, with a new $250 million investment that skyrocketed the company value to $6 billion, only a year after it was founded.

In addition to these companies, four others just became unicorns.
Immunai, a promising startup that aims to map the immune system, is now immuned from shutting down anytime soon with a $215 million investment and a Unicorn status.
Micro-fulfillment robotics company Fabric raised $200 million on the same day that Augury, machine health diagnostics company, raised $180 million and became one of the first Industry 4.0 unicorns.
Also, say hi to Hibob, the HRtech firm which grabbed $150 million.


The rest of the numbers, down here:

Israeli startups October 2021