Tech Conferences in Israel


Whether you're interested in Cyber, AI, Fintech, Nanotech, or a virtual meeting with Israel's tech leaders, even during COVID-19, we have it all covered for you in the ultimate guide to 2021 tech conferences in Israel: Online, In-Person & Hybrid.

Latest update: Aug 19, 2021

“Thanks” to the spread of the Delta variant, there’s still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the possibility of organizing mass in-person tech conferences in Israel in 2021. There are currently limits on crowd size, and foreigners are not permitted into Israel, and the organizers may be less inclined to hold the event as a result of these restrictions.
The current update (Aug 19, 2021) is regarding conferences and exhibitions bound to take place from October to December 2021. Hopefully, by then, we’ll be done with the Delta variant, but it’s best to check the official websites for the latest updates if you intend to attend any of the events.  


Looking back, writing about the tech conferences in Israel back in January 2020 was pretty optimistic, as we were hoping the pandemic, which at the time has just begun in China, wouldn’t affect the world that much. Well, guess what? We were wrong. The last big conference that managed to take place in Israel before the entire industry shut down was OurCrowd Summit. Since then, all the events have been postponed until they became either completely canceled or virtually online.


Now in 2021, events are adapting to the new reality. There are fewer exhibitions and tech conferences in Israel than ever, at least until everything clears out. However, there will be a mixture of events: virtual ones during the first half of the year, followed by physical, in-person events during the second half. Some are even going to be hybrid. Sure, it may sound overly optimistic as well, but considering that Israel is currently leading the global race of vaccinations- and perhaps the first country to vaccinate all (or most) of its citizens – there’s a good reason to be hopeful that the second half of year 2021 will be full of events, networking, and handshaking- with or without masks. 


We’re here to bring you all the upcoming tech conferences in Israel that we’ve found, some of which you could join from anywhere in the world, and we’ll surely update this list throughout the year so that you will always be kept in the loop.



Nothing is final, and some events are subject to postponement or cancellation. If you’re interested in attending an event, check the latest updates on the event’s official website.



Women on Stage Conference 
When: February 10-11, 2021
What: Women on Stage Academy is a program dedicated to training Technical Women for Professional Public Speaking. The first conference will introduce 40 women speakers and graduates of the program, and will include sessions about NLP, Cloud, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, and more.
How Much: FREE


New Retail Fest 
When: February 17th, 2021
What: New Retail Fest invites retailers, brands, retail tech and eCommerce companies, and everyone else involved in the retail technology world to join, to learn about what’s coming next, to showcase their solutions, and to make connections. Speakers include: G. Yafit, Rami Levy, Nitzan Goldberg- VP Sales at Tnuva, Moshe Rosenblum- CEO of Ofer Malls, and much more.
How Much: TBD


Startup Grind Global Conference
When: February 22-25, 2021
What: Startup Grind is a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. And while it’s not an Israeli organization, it’s very well-known in the local ecosystem. The new event will be held virtually and host over 15,000 startup enthusiasts from all around the globe. There will be speakers from Twitter, Twilio, Slack, and others.
How Much: “Choose what you pay” model from $10 to $75


AI Week 
When: February 22-24, 2021
What: Hosted by Tel-Aviv University, AI Week will highlight the way in which AI technology is revolutionizing business strategy, policy, and future development. It’s the place to learn from experts, discover virtual booths, recruit new employees, and connect with other professionals.
How Much: FREE (requires registration)


Tech Conferences in Israel




The Fintech Hackathon
When: March 1-14, 2021
What: NeoBanks, Open Banking, Payments, and Open APIs are revolutionizing the world of finance. Join global financial leaders, VC firms, and promising start-ups at a new online hackathon!
How Much: Free


WSDM 2021
When: March 8-12, 2021
What: The 14th ACM International Web Search and Data Mining conference is a highly selective conference that publishes original, high-quality papers related to search and data mining on the Web and on Social platforms. Some of the speakers include Yoav Shoham from A21Labs, Susan Dumais from Microsoft Research, and Eran Segal from the Weizmann Institute of Science.
How Much: From 370 NIS (One day) to 1025 NIS. 


Europe Days 2021
When: March 16, 2021
What: Europe Days 2021 is a one-day virtual conference for gaining access to business & investment opportunities into the German, Swiss & Austrian markets. Talk & meet with top European businesses, investors & eco-systems leaders, with interactive round tables, 50+ speakers, and over € 400 Million to invest in startups.
How Much: 149 NIS (before VAT and ticketing fee) until 10.03. Full ticket price 199 NIS (before VAT and ticketing).


Tech Conferences in Israel


Future of AI Winter Edition
When: March 16, 2021. Summer Edition will take place on July 21st.
What: One of the leading conferences on AI & Big Data will be held online. It will bring together companies that are developing the latest AI, machine learning, and data solutions to help governments and public authorities research about and fight COVID-19.
How Much: TBD


Axis Tel Aviv
When: 17.03.2021
What: Axis Tel Aviv is Axis Innovation’s flagship innovation conference. Organized for the past 7 years and recognized as one of Israel’s most effective startup events for networking, Axis Tel Aviv is a unique opportunity to meet, learn from, and network with leading members of the Israeli and international startup ecosystem.
How Much: From $39 (Early Bird) to $599 (VIP)


Tech Conferences in Israel


April – May


Innov8 Work
When: April 21, 2021
What: Innov8 Work is a global community that focuses on the future of work: people and companies developing remote work solutions, digital communications, HRTech, and gig economy, to name a few. Join to learn how to take your company to the next level, and stay relevant.
How Much: TBD


Israel’s AgriFood Week 2021
When: May 2-6, 2021
Where: TBD
What: A week dedicated to Agritech and Foodtech, packed with satellite events in different locations. More information coming soon.
How Much: TBD 


Mixiii Biomed 
When: May 11-13, 2021
Where: David InterContinental Tel Aviv, Israel
What: The 19th Annual National Life Science & Technology Week invites attendees to explore the latest in Biotechnology and Life Sciences: Robotics in healthcare systems, next-generation BioTheraputics, decoding the brain enigma, targeted cancer treatment, and more exciting topics.
How Much: From $385 to $500 (for the 3-day event) 


Ecomotion 2021 
When: 18-20 May, 2021
Where: Hybrid event. Location TBD.
What: Following the success of last year’s virtual & global event, which exhibited over 170 startups in the field of Smart Mobility, EcoMotion will return this May with a virtual event and, hopefully, an in-person event as well.
How Much: TBD 

Tech Conferences in Israel




Digital Health Show 
When: June 2nd, 2021
What: The Digital Health Show brings the major players in the industry together to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and solutions, as well as to create new opportunities for growth, learning, and career opportunities.
How Much: TBD


ISDEF Tel-Aviv 
When: June 15-17, 2021
Where: Tel-Aviv
What: Israel’s premier event for defense, homeland security, and cyber. Over 15,000 attendees gather to join the expo along with the top companies specializing in these sectors.
How Much: TBD 


Cyber Week
When: June 20-24, 2021
Where: Tel-Aviv University
What: One of the top cybersecurity events in the world that attracts thousands of visitors each year. This five-day event is filled with roundtables, panels, workshops, and competitions related to the local cyber ecosystem. Agenda TBD.
How Much: TBD 


ChipEx 2021 
When: June 21st, 2021
Where: Expo Tel Aviv
What: The largest annual event of the Israeli semiconductor industry: engineers, R&D managers, industry experts, senior executives, multinational design centers, VCs, and everyone in the fields of semiconductors and microelectronics are welcome.
How Much: TBD 


October – December

HalfStack 2021
When: October 2021
Where: TBD
What: A small and focused event for creative JavaScript and web development enthusiasts, developers, and decision-makers. A perfect event to meet, drink, eat, and join the lively HalfStack community with locals and international visitors.
How Much: ₪600 (Not final)


NANO.IL 2021 
When: October 4-6, 2021
Where: Jerusalem
What: The conference will include International and Israeli Experts sharing knowledge of recent science and nanotechnology: materials, electronics, photonics, to name a few. This year will include a special symposium: 3D Meets Nano – about 3D printing at the Nanoscale.
How Much: Early Bird – $470 (Until March 31st), Mid – $545, Late – $620 (From October 1st)


Tech Conferences in Israel

Fintech Junction Fall 2021
When: October 20, 2021
Where: Hybrid Event. In-person location TBA.
What: FinTech Junction is a hybrid event that brings together over 1,500 fintech leaders from around the world to discuss the latest technologies and innovations disrupting the financial services industry. Come and hear from experts in the fields of banking and finance, payments, e-commerce, insurtech, blockchain, and more.
How Much: Super Early Bird (Until Aug 30) – $60. The online event is free. 


Muni Expo and Muni World 2021
When: October 20-21, 2021
Where: Tel Aviv Convention Center: Pavillon 2
What: MUNI EXPO, the annual event of the Federation of Local Authorities in Israel, is the foremost of its kind in the Middle East. An event for mayors and municipal leaders, government officials, corporates, city planners, architects, startups, and others to brainstorm and discuss Smart Cities challenges.
How Much: TBD 


When: October 25, 2021
Where: David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv
What:  The 2nd Medical Device Research & Development Summit focuses on medical device hardware and software development, R&D methodologies, tools, etc. The agenda includes a startup competition, panels, seminars and workshops.
How Much: TBD 


IMVC 2021 
When: Oct 26, 2021
Where: Pavilion 10, Expo Tel-Aviv
What: The 12th Israel Machine Vision conference features the leading researchers in image and video processing, computer vision, and machine learning. The perfect event to meet experts, developers, and entrepreneurs while learning about topics such as deep vision, medical imaging, AR/VR, Robotics Vision, Metrology, and more.
How Much: Early bird: Regular ticket – 725 NIS, Student/Pensioner – 370 NIS


IMTM 2021
When: 9.2 – 27.10 (Virtual Exhibition), 26-27.10 (Full event)
Where: ONLINE (from February) and Expo Tel Aviv in October
What: The 27th International Mediterranean Tourism Market is an event designed to connect professionals from the worlds of tourism and travel. This year, the event will be divided into two: a virtual exhibition that showcases global brands, and (hopefully) an in-person two-day conference in October.
How Much: FREE

Tech conferences in Israel

IEE Comcas 
When: November 1-3, 2021
Where: David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv
What: The International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas & Electronic Systems (yes, a pretty long name) will gather more than 1,500 scientists, engineers, managers, and experts for a 3-day conference and sessions.
How Much: TBD


Israel Industry 4.0 
When: November 2-4, 2021
Where: Tel Aviv & Online
What: Three days dedicated to one of the hottest trends – Industry 4.0 and its disruptive technology advancements developed here in Israel. The week will consist of several events, besides the main II4 Conference. Among the speakers you’ll find members from Schneider Electric and Procter & Gamble.
How Much: Early Bird (Before September 30th): Online Ticket – $50, Online + Onsite – $125, Online + Onsite + Gala Cocktail Event – $200


Future of AI Fall 2021
When: November 3, 2021
Where: Hybrid Event. In person location TBA.
What: With several events every year, Future of AI brings together the hottest leading startups and the biggest tech companies in AI & data.
How Much: Super Early Bird (Until Aug 30) – $60. Online event is free.


ISDEF Tel Aviv 
When: November 9-11, 2021
Where: Tel-Aviv
What: Israel’s premier event for defense, homeland security, and cyber. Over 15,000 attendees and 50 delegations gather to join the expo along with 300 companies specializing in these fields.
How Much:  TBD


UVID Dronetech 
When: November 10-12, 2021
Where: Expo Tel Aviv and several other locations
What: An entire conference dedicated to… drones! Or should we say “unmanned aerial vehicle”? This year’s event’s main theme is “The Drone’s Role as a National Engine of Growth”. You’re more than welcome to join thousands of professionals in a series of events that will take place in Expo Tel Aviv, Yeruham with Live Demo, and a Special Desert Tourism Experience.
How Much: TBD


Node.TLV 2021
When: November 14-15, 2021
Where: Hotel InterContinental David Tel Aviv
What: The 2nd Node.js international conference is a two-day event that gathers over 800 developers and includes lectures, networking options, and workshops.
How Much: ₪440 – ₪1,000 (Tickets sale starts May 16th)


When: November 16-18, 2021
Where: Pavilion 1, Expo Tel Aviv
What: Have an appetite for innovation? Israfood returns for the 37th time to meet up between the field’s decision makers and hundreds of companies exhibiting their latest development in food, beverages, and relevant technologies. Besides Israfood, the conference also includes two other events: Hotex for the Hotel and Hospitality industry, and Kitex for professional kitchens.
How Much: Free, only for people working in the F&B and hospitality industry. 


Innotech 2021
When: November 17-18, 2021
Where: Pavilion 2, Expo Tel Aviv
What: The largest international innovation event in Homeland Security and cyber technologies.
How Much: TBD 

Tech Conferences in Israel


Israel Mobile Summit
When: November 18, 2021
Where: Expo Tel-Aviv
What: The Summit is one of the most influential mobile apps/games/adtech events in EMEA, as well as the biggest and most international mobile event of Israel!
How Much: TBD 


Military & Aviation Exhibition
When: November 24, 2021
Where: Pavilion 10, EXPO Tel-Aviv
What: Israel’s leading annual conference for the Military & Aviation industries, where tens of electronics and technology companies in the field, as well as leading vendors in the military industry, will exhibit their most advanced products and innovations. Sounds interesting? Check out the price!
How Much: FREE 


React Next 2021 
When: December 15, 2021
Where: David InterContinental Hotel, Tel Aviv
What: Israel’s largest technical conference for the React framework that gathers over 1,000 developers and top local and international speakers.
How Much: From ₪680 to ₪1000. 



That’s all for now. Don’t forget to check out this list later this year, once the Coronavirus fog clears out and more tech conferences start popping up in Israel.

In the meantime, have a great year! See you online! 


We’re doing our best to keep this list accurate and up-to-date, if you spot any mistake or would like us to add your event (online or in-person) to the list, please contact [email protected]


Last Update: 19.8.21



Tech Conferences in Israel

There are countless reasons to visit Israel: The beaches, the food, the sacred places, the Dead Sea, or even Oved’s Sabich. But what really brings the most interesting crowds to this tiny Middle Eastern country is the simple fact that Israel is known worldwide as the Startup and Tech Nation.

Israel Tech Tour, a project by GKI Group, is offering international delegations a tailor-made tech tour in Israel to explore and study the StartUp Nation. To give you another reason to come visit, we’ve mapped out some of the best tech conferences in Israel that you should attend in 2020.
Start packing!

[GKI Group isn’t organizing or hosting any of these events, unless mentioned otherwise. For further information about any event, please contact its organizers]


Cybertech Israel
When: 28-30.1.20
Where: Expo Tel Aviv
What: Cybersecurity is one of the most promoted and successful tech sectors in Israel. It’s no wonder Cybertech is coming to Tel Aviv for the fourth time. The event features top executives, government officials, and leading decision-makers from a wide range of sectors, all revolving around cybersecurity. The side events consist of a cyber tour in Be’er Sheva, a Startup Innovation Challenge, and more.
How Much: $465 to $865


Fintech Week Tel Aviv
When: 9-12.2.20
Where: Multiple locations: AWS FLOOR28, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Rise
What: Interested in Fintech? Well, how about a whole week of it? Fintech Week TLV is bringing together players from global Fintech ecosystems to meet, learn, and work together. Before the event, you can attend several workshops at AWS, or simply join during the main event and listen to speakers like Curve Founder & CEO Shachar Bialik, Noa Granot from Bank of Israel, and other leading Fintech companies founders.
How Much: Corporate – $345, Startup – $195


IMTM – 26th International Mediterranean Tourism Market
When: 11-12.2.20
Where: Expo Tel-Aviv
What: The largest event for tourism in Israel. It is the best place to meet tourism experts and service providers from around the globe, but also to get to know all the latest technologies, travel tech startups, and trends in that field. With more than 1,800 exhibitors and 26,000 attendees, there will always be something interesting to find.
How Much: General Public – Free from 14:00pm


When: 13.2.20 (Main summit)
Where: Binyanei Hauma / International Convention Center, Jerusalem
What: OurCrowd, a leader in equity crowdfunding, is holding one of the most significant tech conferences in Israel. For one week this February, everyone is invited to network, learn, do business, and explore the Startup Nation in a series of fascinating events around the main summit such as ShukTech at the Machane Yehudah Market. Last year, more than 18,000 visitors from 189 countries joined the event, and you’re more than welcome to join this year as well.
How Much: FREE


Axis Tel Aviv
When: 14.2.20
Where: Peres Center for Peace & Innovation, Tel Aviv
What: A boutique conference (with only 250 attendees) that connects Israeli startups with international investors and corporations. This year, 20 Israelis will compete in 5 different challenges: Retail & Consumer, Banking & Insurance, Telecom & Media, and Mobility. If you’re an investor, this is a great chance to meet top-selected startups.
How Much: From 850 NIS to 2,000 NIS


Military & Aviation Exhibition 2020
When: 18.2.20
Where: Expo, Tel Aviv
What: Israel’s leading annual conference for the Military & Aviation industries is aimed for everyone who works in the military field, from developers to purchasers, as well asand for those interested in seeing all the latest breakthrough technologies developed in Israel.
How Much: TBD


Muni World 2020
When: 18-20.2.20
Where: Expo Tel Aviv
What: The 2020 Muni World is a three-day event attended by over 8,000 mayors and municipality leaders, government officials, corporates, city planners, architects, startups and more to brainstorm and discuss Smart Cities challenges. This year’s topic will be Urban Security, along with the annual Innovation Exhibition at Muni Expo, and a guided visit at municipal accelerators.
How Much: FREE


Tech Conferences in Israel 2020


ISMBE – Biomedical Engineering 2020
When: 25.2.20
Where: Haifa’s Congress Center
What: The Israeli Medical and Biological Engineering Society (ISMBE) returns for the 8th time to promote and stimulate professional interconnections and communication among Israeli engineers, physicians, and scientists specializing in a variety of areas of Biomedical Engineering. The conference will cover aspects of Biomedical Engineering, R&D, and recent breakthroughs in the field.
How Much: From $100 to $220


Israel Industry 4.0
When: 24-27.2.20
Where: Tel Aviv
What: Israel is becoming an international hub of Industry 4.0, developing new technologies to change and improve the way products are manufactured. II4.0 is a four-day event filled with professionals, startups, and events such as Maritime 4.0, Construction 4.0, and a two-day hackathon.
How Much: $100 for a startup, $400 standard


The 60th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences
When: 4-5.3.20
Where: Dan Panorama Hotel, Tel Aviv & Technion Campus, Haifa
What: The Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences, spanning several generations, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. IACAS is one of the most important events in the field, arranged by the Technion and hosts scientists, engineers, and experts for networking, exchanging ideas, and talking research.
How Much: Opened for IACAS members


AI For Human Language
When: 5.3.20
Where: Expo Tel Aviv
What: Interested in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and AI? Join the 6th AI Data Science Summit, in partnership with AI for Human Language. Join over 1,000 researchers, experts, data scientists, entrepreneurs, and startups to discuss the latest advancements in AI, NLP, Deep Learning, Chatbots, Speech Recognition, and more.
How Much: Regular – 696 NIS, Student – 257 NIS


When: 19.5.20
Where: A virtual event. More details soon.
What: EcoMotion is a week full of events about mobility and smart transportation, with one major event that will take place on May 19th in which you’re invited, along with over 4,000 participants and 150 exhibiting startups, to learn about the innovative break-through technologies that will shape the future of mobility.
How Much: TBD


SaaS Tiger
When: 9-10.6.20
Where: Lago, Rishon Letsiyon
What: SaaS (Software as a Service) is a growing field both in the local ecosystem and worldwide, and SaaS Tiger is a conference for all of those who work or are interested in that field. The conference brings together over 700 SaaS sales, marketing, and product teams along with founders and investors to meet, connect, join dozens of sessions, and participate in the startup competition.
How Much: From $40 to $200


Innov8 Work
When: 9-10.6.20
Where: Lago, Rishon Letsiyon
What: Get ready to discover the future of work, employment and HR as Innov8 Work returns for the 2nd time. Join over 1,000 attendees from 15 countries for sessions abour HR tech, co-working, gig economy, and more. Time to get to work!
How Much: From $40 to $200


Future of AI
When: 9-10.6.20
Where: Expo Tel Aviv
What: Israel’s leading conference on AI. AI is one of the hottest topics in the world, and the Israeli ecosystem has so much to offer. The conference, now in its 3rd year, will showcase the latest innovations, technology, and business models in the field. After 3,000 AI experts and 150 speakers from all across the globe have joined during the previous conferences, Future of AI is hoping for a bigger, better event this year.
How Much: From $50 to $400


Tech Conferences in Israel


The 10th Israel Mobile Summit
When: 10.6.20 (Not final, subject to change)
Where: Expo Tel Aviv
What: One of the largest events in Israel about mobile technology, with a satellite event before and after. More than 2,000 participants will attend this year’s summit to meet and discuss mobile apps and gaming. Don’t forget to join the cocktail party the day before, as well as the startup contest and the party at the evening of the summit. Full agenda to be published.
How Much: TBD


React Next
When: 15.6.20 (Not final, subject to change)
Where: David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv
What: A one-day event all about React: React Native, Redux, MobX, and the rest. 750 attendees joined the sold-out conference last year, and this year it’s expected to be the same if not better.
How Much: 650 NIS – 1000 NIS


CannaTech Tel Aviv
When: 14-16.6.20
Where: Hilton Tel Aviv
What: You may wanna be high for this one – The global cannabis dealmakers conference, CannaTech, will take place in Tel-Aviv once again. Last year the event attracted more than 1,200 visitors, from researchers and entrepreneurs to patients and influencers, to drive cannabis’ industry growth. One of this year’s side events is PsyTech, all about psychedelic medicines such as LSD and Ketamine. This summit begins on March 29.
How Much: Psytech – $699, CannaTech – $899 (Early bird prices)


Agro Mashov and Cleantech Exhibition
When: 16-17.6.20 (Subject to change)
Where: Tel Aviv Convention Center
What: AgroMashov Exhibition is the largest annual international agricultural exhibition in Israel, which has been going on for the past 27 years. Visitors from all over the world will join this conference and exhibition to get exposed to agricultural technologies that may solve the problem of shortages in water, food, and land. This year, they’ll also be holding the largest Cleantech event.

How Much: TBD

July to September

Fintech Junction
When: 1-2.7.20 (Subject to change)
Where: Expo Tel Aviv
What: The 5th annual edition of FinTech Junction is a 2-day event that brings together over 1,500 fintech leaders from around the world to discuss the latest technologies and innovation disrupting the financial services industry. Come and hear from experts in the fields of banking and finance, payments, e-commerce, insurtech, blockchain, and more.
How Much: From $25 to $500


Insurtech Next
When: 21.7.20
Where: Lago, Rishon Letsiyon
What: After the rise of successful Israeli Insurtech startups like Lemonade and Next Insurance, it was only a matter of time for an event dedicated to that new sector to show up. This unique one-day unique event will cover new innovations and technologies and the next wave of Insurtech.
How Much: From $50 to $500 (Early Bird)


When: 16-20.8.20
Where: Multiple locations across Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
What: Under 30 Global Women’s Summit is an international gathering of top young founders, leaders, and mentors for four days of leading, connecting, and creating. It’s an entire event and a celebration dedicated to the women under 30, but the registration is open for everyone. The attendees can join professional workshops and VIP experiences in Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.
How Much: $95 (for Forbes under 30 Lister), or $1,495 for general attendees.


Mixii Biomed (The 19th National Life Science & Technology Week)
When: 7-9.9.20
Where: David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv
What: Interested in healthcare and Biomed? This year’s conference subject is “Quality of our extended lives – Pros and Cons”. The 19th MIXiii-BIOMED Conference is where over 6,000 participants from 45 different countries, and more than 150 exhibitors and speakers, will meet to discuss and showcase gene editing, AI in medicine, digital health, cancer therapies, and more.
How Much: Daily – From $225 to $290, Full – From $385 to $500


Tech Conferences in Israel 2020


ChipEx 2020
When: 15-16.9.20
Where: Expo Tel Aviv
What: The largest annual event of the Israeli microelectronics industry. The conference is aimed for engineers, R&D managers, experts, VCs, students, professors, and anyone else involved with microelectronics. ChipEx will introduce over 100 vendors in the exhibition, offer technical lectures at the conference, and have an executive summit for C level executives.
How Much: 712 NIS (Including VAT)

October to December

Israel Impact Summit
When: 12-14.10.20 POSTPONED TO 2021
Where: Suzanne Dellal Center, TLV
What: TechForGood’s annual event, displaying all the latest tech with a good impact on the world. Meet hundreds of professionals focused on TechForGood innovation & learn from global impact leaders about the most recent developments & actions around impact innovation.
How Much: Academic Day – Free. Industry+Innovation Early Bird – 400 NIS.


Nano IL
When: 13-15.10.20 POSTPONED TO 2021
Where: International Convention Center, Jerusalem
What: The international conference and exhibition in the field of nanotechnology, exploring the latest developments and research in materials, electronics, medicine, semiconductor, and other nanoscale technologies. A grand event for nanotech.
How Much: From $320 to $545


When: 19.10.20 POSTPONED TO 2021
Where: Bascula Circus Theatre, Tel Aviv
What: A small and focused event for UI-focused JavaScript and web development enthusiasts, developers, and decision makers. A perfect event to meet, drink, eat, and join the lively HalfStack community with locals and international visitors.
How Much: 600 NIS


When: 26-27.10.20
Where: Tel Aviv
What: The 5th International Medical Cannabis conference; the global meeting point for leaders in the medical cannabis ecosystem. CannX is the ultimate place to gain a deep understanding of what is truly ground-breaking in research, business, agriculture, and technology.
How Much: TBD


Europe Days 2020
When: 27.10.20
Where: Dubnov Gallery, Tel Aviv
What: Europe Days aims to give Israeli start-ups business opportunities and exposure to investors from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Register to join 30 Speakers and 8 accelerators from 3 countries- Switzerland, Austria, and Germany- with more than €300 million investment opportunities, all in one full day in Tel Aviv.
How Much: Startups – 149 NIS, Regular – 399 NIS


Tech Conferences in Israel 2020


When: 29.10.20
Where: Pavilion 10, EXPO Tel Aviv
What: The 11th annual Israel Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition on computer vision and machine learning. This year, the conference will focus on Deep Learning, Image Processing, and Autonomous systems. Agenda and speakers to be announced.
How Much: Regular – 725 NIS, Student – 370 NIS


DMI Expo 
When: 8-9.11.20 POSTPONED TO 2021
Where: Tel Aviv
What: The Digital & Affiliate Marketing Conference’s autumn edition will take place in Tel-Aviv this November. Visitors can come and learn from top marketing professionals and over 100 speakers all about digital marketing, web analytics, blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and more. Straightforward information, without any commercials.
How Much: Early bird – €229. Full door sale price –  €995.


Semisrael Expo
When: 17.11.20
Where: Avenue Convention Center, Airport City
What: SemIsrael Expo 2020 is the premier professional semiconductor event in Israel. The event brings together over 1,000 Israeli semiconductor professionals working at local startups and R&D centers, labs, and universities
How Much:  TBD


iHLS Innotech
When: 18-19.11.20
Where: Expo Tel-Aviv, Pavilion 2
What: Israel’s largest innovation event for Homeland Security & cyber technologies. The conference, joined by 6,000 visitors from all over the world, will include a giant exhibition and a startup competition. It’s your chance to meet with international delegations and senior officials from government and defense organizations, including police, security, and intelligence agencies. But most importantly – get exposed and see the latest Israeli startups and technologies in the field.
How Much: Exhibition – Free. Conference – From $250 to $600.


Tech Conferences in Israel


International Tourism Sustainability Summit
When: 1-3.12.20
Where: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem
What: Not an entirely tech-dedicated conference, but surely there will be some tech involved. The 2020 International Tourism Security Summit is a three-day event that presents keynote speakers, exclusive panels, and hosts a community of attendees from across the globe. ITSS focuses on markets, cities, transport, aviation, hotels, venues, and green tech.
How Much: TBD


Although we’ve only mapped a small percentage of the tech conferences in Israel, we picked only the best and biggest ones that attract an international audience. Yet, there are more events to come, like the TMTI or DLD Tel-Aviv, and others that might pop up later this year. We’ll keep this blog post updated continuously all year long to give you more information and guide you through the best tech and professional events in Israel.
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Last Update: 7.2.21

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