Welcome to the new GKI Group

We have a brand website, brand new goals, brand new products, and brand new… well, branding.


Notice anything different?
If you did, welcome back!
If you didn’t, welcome to GKI Group.


So, what’s GKI Group?

GKI (Gal Kalkshtein Innovation) Group is a home for innovation, technology, and ideas, based in Israel.
The group was founded in June 2012 as “GK” by the serial entrepreneur and angel investor Gal Kalkshtein. With many years of creating, experimenting, and learning, Gal decided to establish his own company for investing in startups and advising entrepreneurs. After many investments, meetings, conferences, and networking, GK changed its name to GKI Group to emphasize the importance of the loyal and professional team that gives us our advantage. The company acts as a group, made up of several sub-groups, together contributing to the company’s expertise in the world of innovation and startups.

Over the past three years, we’ve shifted our group’s focus to becoming a full-time product development company. With so many great minds in the work, knowledge, connections, funding, and passion for innovation, we thought to ourselves – why don’t we use our advantages to make something great of it? Rather than invest in more startups, let’s create them ourselves. And just like that, the new GKI Group was born.


The “new” GKI Group

Today, GKI Group is a startup, or more accurately, a group of startups. We have made our own innovation hub where we can experiment, build, and create just about anything our hearts desire and bring even the craziest and most ambitious products to life: from consumer goods, to breakthrough AI solutions, to assistive technologies… to making whisky. 

We are constantly innovating, and are always coming up with fresh ideas: some are a worldwide success (like M&H Whisky), some might shape the future one day, and others are simply to make your lives a whole lot easier. 

We’re a team of creators, dreamers, and innovators, working in our stylish office in Kefar Sava and in our medium-sized whisky distillery in Tel Aviv that keep on growing and growing. 


So, once you’re done reading here, don’t forget to tap the GKI Group logo at the top of the page and look at our amazing newly designed website, learn more about our products, meet the talented team, or even read some blog posts while you’re at it.
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Because at GKI Group, we’re always innovating.